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About Tech Prep

What is Tech Prep?

Tech Prep is short for Technical Preparation. Tech Prep is a way to start a college technical major in high school. In a Tech Prep program, students begin their course of study in high school and continue in college or an apprenticeship program.

Tech Prep programs combine the academic courses that students will need for success in college and technical courses that they will need to prepare them for a career. Tech Prep is intended to improve technical and academic preparation of students and to provide a transition plan for secondary (high school) students desiring a post-secondary (two-year college) outcome in a technical field of study.

What are articulated courses?

A key component of Tech Prep is articulation, which is a process linking high school course work and college course work to assist students in making a smooth transition from one level of education to another without experiencing delays or duplication in learning.

The articulated high school courses contain the same course content as an equivalent college course and a post-secondary institution (college) has agreed to award college credit if the student meets outlined requirements in the course articulation agreement. The articulation agreement is a signed document between a high school and a college that indicates the specific responsibilities of the high school and the college, and the students in order for credit to be awarded.

How can Tech Prep benefit me?

You will be able to combine high school classes, real-world experience, and/or college classes, to form a balanced and practical educational experience. Tech Prep programs help you earn college credit through content enhanced articulated courses and dual credit.

The key purpose of Alabama tech prep is to help create pathways that lead to an associate or baccalaureate degree or a post-secondary certificate in a specific career field.

How can I learn more about Tech Prep?

All you have to do to get more information about Tech Prep is to contact your local high school or career tech center guidance counselor or get more information at alcareertech.org.

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