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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tech Prep?

Tech Prep is short for Technical Preparation. Tech Prep is a way to start a college technical major in high school. In a Tech Prep program, students begin their course of study in high school and continue in college or an apprenticeship program.

Tech Prep programs combine the academic courses that students will need for success in college and technical courses that they will need to prepare them for a career. Tech Prep is intended to improve technical and academic preparation of students and to provide a transition plan for secondary (high school) students desiring a post-secondary (two-year college) outcome in a technical field of study.

How can Tech Prep benefit me?

You will be able to combine high school classes, real-world experience, and/or college classes, to form a balanced and practical educational experience. Tech Prep programs help you earn college credit through content enhanced articulated courses and dual credit.

The key purpose of Alabama tech prep is to help create pathways that lead to an associate or baccalaureate degree or a post-secondary certificate in a specific career field.

How can I get college credit for classes taken in high school?

Click on Statewide Articulation Agreements on this website and look for the courses you are interested in taking in high school. If the course you are taking is not on the statewide articulation list, talk to the teacher since there may be an articulation agreement with your local community college.

Who at my school can provide information about Tech Prep courses?

Talk to your high school or career tech center guidance counselor and to the career and technical education teachers at your high school or career tech center.

What does articulation mean?

A key component of Tech Prep is articulation, which is a planned process linking educational institutions and educational experiences to assist students in making a smooth transition from one level of education to another without experiencing delays or duplication in learning.

The articulated high school course contains the same course content as an equivalent college course and a post-secondary institution has agreed to award college credit if the student meets requirements outlined in the course articulation agreement. The articulation agreement is a signed document that indicates the specific responsibilities of the secondary school, the post-secondary institution, and the students.

What is the difference in a local articulation and a state-wide articulation?

A local articulation agreement is an arrangement between a specific high school or career tech center and two year college. Local agreements are not recognized by all two year colleges throughout the state. State-wide articulation agreements are recognized by all two-year or community colleges throughout the state under an agreement between the Departments of Secondary and Postsecondary Education.

What grade in high school do I have to be in to begin to earn articulated credit?

Most articulation agreements require that you be in the 11th or 12th grade in order to receive college credit for career and technical education courses taken in high school.

How do I ensure that my high school Tech Prep credits get transferred to a two-year or community college?

You must complete an articulated credit request, which you can get from your career and technical education teacher or your guidance counselor.

What resources are available at my high school to help me determine a career path?

There are many resources to help you with your decision! Your high school may provide an interest inventory such as Kuder or Career Cruising. Tech Prep has produced a guide and a series of booklets for each of the career clusters called the Alabama Success Initiative. Your guidance counselor will have a complete list of resources available at your school.

Is Tech Prep only for students that are not college bound?

Students graduating from high school need highly technical skills to be competitive in the job market. Up to 85 percent of all jobs will require at least two years of education beyond high school. Tech Prep is all about this smooth transition from high school to college with the minimum of repetition of courses.

What if I want to change my career tech pathway after my junior year in high school? Is that possible?

Of Course!

How can I learn more about Tech Prep?

All you have to do to get more information about Tech Prep is to contact your local high school or career tech center guidance counselor or at alcareertech.org